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Virginia Trip!

Mickey’s grandma turned 100 (!) a few weeks ago, so we headed out to the DC area to celebrate.  We stayed with JB and her husband Brendan in Culpeper, VA, home of the famous Culpeper Minutemen.

Here are some pictures from the trip (also available on the photos page).  Mickey took most of them, but one or two are my own.


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Copper pot still at Belmont Farms Distillery - Brendan's new workplace. (Photo: Mickey Norum)

We took a Virigin America redeye that arrived at IAD early Friday morning.  A quick hop over to pick up the rental car and then we drove the 90 minutes or so to Culpeper.  Upon arrival, we went out for a quick bite with JB and Roz (Mickey’s mom), who was also in town for the birthday event.  After brunch, it was naptime to make up for sleep lost on the plane.  A visit to Belmont Farms Distillery was next to check out Brendan’s new workplace.  We bought a nifty painting to hang up at home from a gallery in downtown Culpeper, ate supper, and then drove to the Fauquier county fair.  Everything you’d expect – rides, midway games, livestock judging…

On Saturday morning we hit the local farmers’ market and then headed out on another road trip, this time farther west to Luray and the famous Luray caverns.  Back in Culpeper for dinner – made tasty burgers with ground beef and veggies purchased that morning at the farmers’ market.

Sunday was the 100th birthday celebration brunch in Rockville, MD.  We carpooled up and met the rest of the family at a hotel restaurant.  It was good to see everyone – we hadn’t met up with anyone from that side of the family since our wedding more than two years ago!

Brendan had to work Monday, so JB, Mickey, and I did a driving tour of some civil war battlefields.  We started at the Culpeper museum, and then headed out of town to Kelly’s Ford and Brandy Station.  After that, back home to pack up and drive back to IAD to fly home.

I had a great time, and I’m definitely looking forward to heading back out that direction again sometime soon – there’s lots to see and do in the area.  Big thanks to JB & Brendan for being such great hosts!