LASIK, one year later

I had my one-year follow-up appointment this morning.  The results are even better than the one month prescription, which I think is pretty great.  I’m still 20/15 and have zero residual prescription of any kind.  I also don’t notice any halos at night anymore, which either means I’m used to them or I don’t have them anymore.  I guess I’d need someone who’s always had perfect vision to draw me picture.  Since it doesn’t seem to be affecting me at all, maybe it doesn’t really matter that much.

WordPress tells me that there have been about 20 lasik- or laser-related google searches over the last year that led people to this blog.  I hope that they found my story useful and that anyone coming in the future does too.  I’m still extremely happy with the results of my surgery, and I hope this page can be a good counterexample to all of the scary stuff around on the internet related to this subject.  Good luck to anyone out there reading this to prepare for an upcoming surgery date!

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