LASIK One-month Follow-up

I had my one-month post-surgery follow-up (yay for hyphens) appointment this morning.  I still have halos at night.  They’re not terrible, but I would like for them to go away.  I guess we’ll see how that turns out.  As far as dryness goes, I think things are steadily improving.  I didn’t use any drops at all on Monday, and I’ve only been using them a couple of times per day since then.  Anyway – on to the checkup results!  Here’s my current prescription:

Sphere Cylinder Axis Acuity
OD PL DS DS 20/15
OS +0.25 DS DS 20/20

I’ve improved by a quarter of a diopter in each eye, still have no astigmatism, and have great acuity. I’ve gone from 20/15 in my left eye to 20/20, but that’s no problem for me. I’m still 20/15 when using both eyes, so I can hardly complain.

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